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ACT Microschools Network includes its own member microschools as well as affiliate schools. Affiliate schools enjoy many of the benefits that the member schools have, while having autonomy over its own staffing and decision making.

An affiliate school:

  • Has its own brand

  • States publicly on its website and official channels that it is a member of the ACT Microschools Network

  • Chooses its leader and staff independently

  • Has an independent governance structure

  • Has an independent financial and legal structure

  • Has to be a microschool (150 students or less, organized as mixed age groups)

  • Follows ACT Microschools core learning practices: please find more info here

  • Shares ACT Microschools core values, which are audacity, community engagement, pan-Africanism, a problem-solving mindset

  • Has access to ACT's curriculum and learning resources

  • Has access to the network and all its programs, including teacher professional development, and cross-network learning experiences for students

  • Has its community (including students, teachers and parents) on the platform

  • Pays an annual fee to ACT Microschools

If you are interested in becoming an affiliate microschool, please email

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