ACT Microschools sees parents as an integral part of the its small learning community. Parents who enroll their children with ACT commit to volunteering a minimum of four hours a month throughout the school year, either in the microschool or virtually, through the social learning platform. ACT students see parents as valuable mentors who contribute to their Education. More importantly, parent volunteers serve as powerful role models for students who, they themselves, are asked to volunteer and serve their communities. A commitment to service is an essential part of the ACT community. Having parents who share this value system is essential to ACT’s success.


At ACT microschools, we believe that small is beautiful. We also believe that small + connected = powerful. Thus, thanks to our social learning platform, we see our microschools as both beautiful and powerful organizations. 

Our social learning platform is the mechanism within our organization that connects students, teachers, and parents across microschools, co-ops, and homes of those that have subscribed to ACT courses. Students connect to each other to celebrate learning and community outreach. They connect to learn more about each other in an authentic environment. Students connect to teachers to have access to coursework that may not be available in their microschool (a student in Nairobi connecting to an Arabic teacher in Cairo to study Arabic, for example) or to just to get additional support.  Teachers connect with teachers to share activities and ideas and to co-teach when appropriate.  Parents connect in the network to share expertise with students and teachers and to have full access to the rich learning environment that ACT provides. 

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