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123 Phonics

Course Price

Starting $20

Course length

8 live sessions plus independent work

123 Phonics


Ms. Radwa Noureldin

Radwa spent many years teaching literacy for all age groups, from early childhood to adults. She has an evident passion for teaching literacy and has joined the ACT Microschools team to help design and deliver a rich lingual environment for the students. Prior to ACT Microschools, she held different teaching and head teacher positions at different international preschools and K-12 schools in Cairo.

About the course

This course offers a continuation of phonics learning for the early elementary students. The course offers reading resources targeting specific sounds and challenge spelling lists for students of different abilities. Students can work their way up through different challenge lists, improving their understanding of the sound in question along the way. This course is an at home accompaniment to live classes. It allows families the opportunity to help their grade 1 - 3 students improve their phonemic awareness through solid resources.

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