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French for Beginners

Course Price

Starting $20

Course length

8 live sessions plus independent work

French for Beginners


Mme Amiry

Mrs. Laila Amiry spent over forty years of her professional career working in private and public schools in the United States as a French teacher and an administrator. She also worked for Educational Testing Services as a consultant for College Board and a member of an AP committee for ETS . Mrs. Laila Amiry was a table leader for the AP French Language and French literature exam. She led summer Institutes for AP teachers at SUNI Purchase University as well as La Salle University. Mrs. Laila Amiry is the author of Barron’s How to Prepare for the French Language AP Exam. Mrs. Laila earned her bachelors degree from the University of Alexandria, Egypt and her masters from Villanova University.

About the course

This course offers interactive games and activities to help students just beginning in French to improve their listening comprehension, their pronunciation, their reading comprehension, and their knowledge of basic words and phrases (but always in context!). This course is perfect for students of all ages motivated to improve their French independently.

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