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Mathematics for Grade 1

Course Price

Starting $20

Course length

8 live sessions plus independent work

Mathematics for Grade 1


Ms. Ghadeer El Hussein

Ms. Ghadeer "Deero" El-Hussien is a dedicated instructor/tutor with four years of experience in education. Ms. Deero obtained her BA from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Martine. She worked in the corporate setting for more than seven years before deciding to switch to working in education. To prepare her to be an effective instructor, Ms. Deero has taken many courses, and earned various certifications, including a Montessori certification and the SENCO, Special Educational Needs Coordinator
Certification from the Learning Resource Center (LRC) and The British college of Egypt (BUE). She has worked with students in different subjects with a variance of special needs, supporting their learning so they can be successful in the classroom. When she's not teaching, you can find Ms. Deero practicing Acro yoga and traveling. She is also an animal lover and enjoys spending time with her dog, Ziggy.

About the course

This course allows students in grade 1 to continue to learn from home while using Investigations in Number, Data, and Space as a resource. Students work side by side with their instructor while solidifying numeracy concepts deemed appropriate by the U.S. Common Core Standards.

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