ACT Microschools Online Program for Children aged 3 – 5

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At ACT Microschools, we offer a full online experience for your pre-school to kindergarten aged child without having to commit to expensive school fees. 

We’re sure you have plenty of questions for us.  Let’s start with a few basics!


How is ACT able to offer high quality learning experiences at a lower cost than schools?  


ACT Microschools’ staff is well-versed in best practices for an online experience.  We are not taking a live experience and adopting it to an online one.  Rather, we are providing the best that online schooling has to offer for this age group. Furthermore, unlike traditional schools that have huge overhead and capital expenses to maintain whether schools run or not, ACT Microschools has the flexibility to design an experience that fits our current reality with no hidden costs.

I’m interested in my child developing social skills. Is that even possible in an online school?  

Of course, nothing can replace face to face contact when it comes to developing social skills. Yet, much of what your child will learn deals specifically with how to be a part of an online team.  Following norms and guidelines of the class (when to speak, when to mute, how to listen to fellow classmates, how to ask and answer questions in an appropriate manner) are important skills that are fostered within the online community. When a child develops these skills online, s/he will be able to transfer this social understanding to other settings, whether on the playground, with siblings, or in a classroom. 


What will my child’s schedule be like in online school?


ACT Online School offers different schedules to fit your needs. See below sample schedules of the choices you have to select for your child (sample schedules are subject to change depending on number of subscriptions)


ACT Online School – Basic A









*availability of choice depends on number of subscriptions

ACT Online School – Basic B



*availability of choice depends on number of subscriptions


ACT Online School – Plus A








*availability of choice depends on number of subscriptions

ACT Online School – Plus B












*availability of choice depends on number of subscriptions

How much time in the day will my child spend online?


Depending on your selection of ACT Basic or ACT Plus,  your child will spend anywhere from one hour to two hours (not consecutive) in online classes per day.  


Will there be additional activities other than the online classes?


Once you join the ACT Online School community, you will be granted access to a number of our asynchronous learning activities that you can choose to do with your child at any time.  Furthermore, certain online courses will have offline follow-up activities for kids to work on in their own time.


How Will My Child Have Access to Learning Resources?


All course subscriptions are month to month.  In the beginning of the month, you will be asked to pick up your learning resources from a designated location. 


Who are the teachers in ACT’s Online School?


ACT has a team of qualified teachers who have been working in schools and online for 5+ years each. Click here to meet our team!


How Do We Get Started?

STEP 1:  Choose and pay for one of our plans: 



STEP 2:  Fill a form sent by ACT Microschools to choose your activities where appropriate (for example, choose cooking or yoga)

STEP 3: Receive access to ACT’s portal and check your child’s schedule 

STEP 4:  Within one week of the start of the month, you will receive notice of where to retrieve your child’s learning resources

STEP 5:  Watch your child have fun and engage online with experienced teachers and excellent learning resources!

A Message from Dr. Deena Amiry, ACT Microschools CXO


What parents say about ACT Online School

"I loved the rubrics and the self-assessments at the end of each of the 9 steps. The fables ebook, and the extra resources are truly well-thought and useful. 
I feel empowered and inspired to work with my son, who is already interested in writing. I am positive that he would enjoy working on a fable of his own, and check his work one step at a time."
The way that course is designed respects each child's individual pace and capabilities, and I am certain that I would go back to check the videos and material several times as I work with my son.

Marwa Rakha - Writer and Certified Montessori Educator from Birth to Nine Years.


We take a thematic approach to learning to help students acquire skills across a variety of disciplines


Our instructors create a step-by-step video guide for parents, which helps parents deliver professional-level instruction to their children.


Our courses are designed to meet your child's individual needs and allow them to work at their own pace.


Our courses are aligned with U.S. Common Core Standards to allow you to work within a well-known framework.


You can subscribe to a single course or select a course bundle. You choose what's best for you.


Whether you're a homeschooler, looking for additional support for your school-age child, or looking to keep child engaged over a long break, these courses are tailored to meet your needs.

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