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Enroll your child in a high-quality, engaging educational program and pay monthly without worrying about Coronavirus!

ACT Microschools offers a full online experience for your pre-school to kindergarten aged child without having to commit to expensive school fees.

A Message From Dr. Deena Amiry, Our Chief Educator

Real-World Learning Opportunities

A Rich, Multilingual Environment

A Nurturing Environment

Pay Monthly. No Long-term Commitments

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re sure you have plenty of questions for us.  Let’s start with a few basics!


How is ACT able to offer high quality learning experiences at a lower cost than schools?  


ACT Microschools’ staff is well-versed in best practices for an online experience.  We are not taking a live experience and adopting it to an online one.  Rather, we are providing the best that online schooling has to offer for this age group. Furthermore, unlike traditional schools that have huge overhead and capital expenses to maintain whether schools run or not, ACT Microschools has the flexibility to design an experience that fits our current reality with no hidden costs.

I’m interested in my child developing social skills. Is that even possible in an online school?  

Of course, nothing can replace face to face contact when it comes to developing social skills. Yet, much of what your child will learn deals specifically with how to be a part of an online team.  Following norms and guidelines of the class (when to speak, when to mute, how to listen to fellow classmates, how to ask and answer questions in an appropriate manner) are important skills that are fostered within the online community. When a child develops these skills online, s/he will be able to transfer this social understanding to other settings, whether on the playground, with siblings, or in a classroom. 

What will my child’s schedule be like in the online program?

ACT Online School offers different packages to fit your needs.  See below a sample schedule for ACT Online School – Basic (September Schedule) and also see how you can have your pick of select courses.

ACT Online Program – Basic







*availability of choice depends on number of subscriptions

What is monthly tuition for the Basic package of the program?

The Basic package is for $150 per month that gets renewed at the end of each month. You can suspend or cancel your subscription at any given month without having to make long-term commitments.

Can I sign up my child for an individual course rather than the Basic program?

ACT Microschools also offers the potential to sign up for individual courses.  In order to foster a sense of community, only courses with at least 5 subscribed students will run. In case a course does not have enough subscribers, you will be offered another course option and if it does not meet your needs, we will provide you with a full refund. 


Check our September Course Offerings!


Investigations in Numbers and Space (2 x per week) = $35/month

Arabic Reading/Phonics (2 x per week) = $35/month

English Reading/Phonics (2 x per week) = $35/month

Cooking (1 x per week) = $25/month

Arabic story time (2 x per week) = $30/month

Art (1 x per week) = $25 /month

How much time in the day will my child spend online?


If you choose ACT Basic, your child will spend between 50 minutes to 70 minutes online per day (not consecutive). Individual courses last anywhere from 25 minutes per session up to 40 minutes per session (Art and Cooking tend to run up to 40 minutes, depending on the project of the day).  


Will there be additional activities other than the online classes?


Once you join the ACT Online School community, you will be granted access to a number of our asynchronous learning activities that you can choose to do with your child at any time.  Furthermore, certain online courses will have offline follow-up activities for kids to work on in their own time.


How will my child have Access to learning resources?


All course subscriptions are month to month.  In the beginning of the month, you will be asked to pick up your learning resources from a designated location. 


Who are the teachers in ACT’s online program?


ACT has a team of qualified teachers who have been working in schools and online for 5+ years each. Click here to meet our team!


How do we get started?

STEP 1:  Choose and pay for one of our plans or select an individual course.


STEP 2: Receive access to ACT’s portal and check your child’s schedule


STEP 3:  Within one week of the start of the month, you will receive notice of where to retrieve your child’s learning resources


STEP 4:  Watch your child have fun and engage online with experienced teachers and excellent learning resources!

Meet The Team

The program is developed by expert educators with 50 years of combined experience in designing and delivering high quality, progressive learning experiences

Deena Amiry.png

Dr. Deena Amiry

Group Teacher

Dr. Deena Amiry earned her B.S. from Georgetown University with a certificate in education and a medal for outstanding achievement in student teaching. She earned her Masters’ degree from Middlebury College and her Ph.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in Romance Languages, where she served as a lecturer of French language and literature. Dr. Amiry worked in several private schools in the United States, including the prestigious Dalton School in New York City. At Dalton, alongside teaching responsibilities, Dr. Amiry served as Dean of the 9th grade and department chair of middle and high school foreign languages. 

In 2012, Dr. Deena moved on and founded the Young Scholars of Egypt (YSE) microschool, an educational program for children ages 3-18 that aims to provide students with an education that prepares them for the 21st century.  In 2019, alongside ACT’s founding team, Dr. Deena brought YSE under ACT’s umbrella to create a network of connected microschools.


Ms. Oyindamola Salami, M.A.T.

Group Teacher

Ms. Oyindamola A. Salami began her career in education in 2009 at Trinity Episcopal School (TES) under the tutelage of a master teacher of progressive, personalized education strategies. While teaching at TES, she completed her MA in Teaching at Queens University of Charlotte. She then moved to Cairo, Egypt where she eventually took on the role of Founding head of Elementary at Young Scholars of Egypt (YSE), a microschool in New Cairo. At YSE, she helped develop and implement a curriculum that, at its core, puts children first. Oyindamola helped establish mixed grade level classrooms where students are encouraged to take ownership of their classroom and the learning that takes place. It’s an environment where older students are encouraged to take on leadership roles in a way that would be almost impossible to create organically in the traditional school setting. After experiencing the exciting results of this approach, Oyindamola decided that it was time to share this model with other countries on the continent, and co-founded ACT Microschools to nurture well-rounded, innovative leaders in her community and beyond.

Dr. Aly.png

Dr. Aly Abdel Azim

Arabic Teacher

Dr. Aly Abdelazim earned his Ph.D. in Islamic studies from Al Azhar University, graduating Suma Cum Laude. Dr. Aly began his teaching career in international schools in Cairo in 2004, teaching Islamic Religion and Arabic language. For the past 8 years, Dr. Aly has been a founding member of Young Scholars of Egypt, an alternative microschool program in New Cairo. During his tenure at YSE, Dr. Aly co-authored an early reading program meant to help KG and early elementary students gain confidence in their reading abilities. Dr. Aly runs readers’ and writers’ workshops for his students in Arabic, as well as “book buddies,” a program in which older students read to their younger peers. Dr. Aly is most importantly the proud father of four children who all attend YSE and who have benefited from his extensive experience and expertise.


Ms. Radwa Noureldin

Literacy Teacher

Radwa spent many years teaching literacy for all age groups, from early childhood to adults. She has an evident passion for teaching literacy and has joined the ACT Microschools team to help design and deliver a rich lingual environment for the students. Prior to ACT Microschools, she held different teaching and head teacher positions at different international preschools and K-12 schools in Cairo.

Meet The Team


What parents say about ACT Microschools Online Programs

Carrie Johnson

An Education Development Professional and an ACT Microschools Parent

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